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The British do have a real thing about the weather. I’ve recently been involved in setting up a weather station, we’re still in the process of deciding what information to make available on the website but you can see it by clicking here. On a recent visit to the school almost everyone was saying how they visited the site several times a day to see what the weather conditions were, as well as the indoor temperature! And relatives were doing the same. I must admit that I also have visited the site regularly, partly to check that it is still working (paranoia?) but also to see what the extremes for the day were. For the pupils, there is loads of numeracy and presentation skills associated with using weather data, and we can perpetuate the British fascination with the weather.

We should be getting some relatively decent weather for a few days before the wind direction moves round and we start to get another arctic blast at the weekend. I am a regular feeder of birds but it was interesting to note that during the recent snow fewer birds came to our garden, they are back now so I can only assume that many of them went further south to warmer climes, something that I learnt from this years Autumn Watch. Do please remember to feed the birds in your garden, and your school grounds if possible. It is incredibly rewarding. It is not too expensive to put a bird feeder cam in your school grounds and then you can watch the birds feeding from any web browser in school. One example of an excellent feeder is at the Abernethy RSPB reserve. Another one is at our own local RSPB reserve at Fairburn Ings but this is not on all the time. If you have a camera and would like me to put a link to it on my website, let me know.

Collecting weather data and using bird cams are both ways that we can use ICT with our pupils and promote an interest in the environment. If you want to know more do contact me.

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