Making the best of what you have got

To make the best of what you have got it is important to :

  • know what you have got;
  • know how often it is used;
  • know who is using it;
  • know how to use it;
  • know how to use it effectively and appropriately;
  • regularly assess and review it’s usage.

To this end I can provide system audits for your network, workstations, software and other equipment. Simple tools can be provided to help identify how often equipment is used and by whom. Information about the audit, logging and manuals etc can be stored on the Learning Platform or suitable central storage system. Regular reviews to assess the effectiveness of the use of the ICT resources can be implemented.

I am particularly interested in how we can make ICT more sustainable in schools by extending the lifespan of equipment, purchase of appropriate resources, etc. I have often found that new equipment is placed somewhere in the school where it is not frequently used and that older, slower equipment is being used for more frequent and demanding tasks such as driving a whiteboard in class, audits can help to identify these situations and help relieve the frustration that users experience.

Of course, you also need to have system hardware and a network that is robust enough and is not falling over all the time. A significant amount of my time working in education has been about taking systems and making them work properly. If you are not happy with the way your system is working then why not contact me?