Leeds Poverty Truth Commission’s HuManifesto

Yesterday I was privileged to be able to attend the closing event of the 2016-18 Leeds Poverty Truth Commission and the launch of their HuManifesto. The event powerfully communicated how poverty dehumanises us and how we can all play a part in breaking down barriers, reducing isolation and increasing communication between people so that we can all become more human. You can read more about the Leeds Poverty Truth Commission on their website and you can also download their HuManifesto.

Schools are caught right in the middle of this issue and provide a fantastic opportunity to help reduce the effects of poverty. I was struck by one simple issue on page 9 of the manifesto which schools could help with which shouldn’t stretch their already overstretched resources – in fact it is something many schools already do via their parents organisations – and that is to have a “uniform recycling scheme”. The cost of school uniforms can present parents with real difficulties but it shouldn’t be too difficult to  provide a means for outgrown uniforms to be passed on.

There are many other ways in which schools are already tackling the way in which poverty affects pupils and parents but if you want to find more ways to tackle this issue effectively why not contact the Leeds Poverty Truth Commission  

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