Over the last decade a lot of money has gone into providing new ICT resources for schools. Unfortunately, not so much money has gone into training. Teaching and support staff are often left to fend for themselves with new computers, new operating systems, new software, etc. A bit of appropriate, ongoing training would make staff more confident in their use of ICT Resources leading to better outcomes for pupils.

Likewise, in the office, staff often don’t know how to make best use of the software they have. The result is that things take longer and staff get more frustrated.

CPD should involve regular training for staff to help them develop their confidence in the use of ICT resources in and out of the classroom.

I can help to audit staff skills, identify their training requirements and to provide or source suitable high quality ongoing training. My aim is to give teachers confidence in their use of ICT so that pupils can learn more effectively.

I can also help with training and projects such as:

  • After School Clubs
  • Weather Stations
  • Bird feeder and nest box cameras
  • Animation
  • Digital Media
  • Control Technology including Lego Mindstorms
  • Learning Platform development and training, etc.

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