Paul Magnall is Red Kite Computers. Paul is a freelance Education ICT Consultant with over 30 years experience of ICT in schools.

Red Kite Computers helps schools make more effective use of their ICT resources to the benefit of pupils, staff, parents and governors with particular focus on:

“..much, much more is possible than people ordinarily think.”

(Benjamin and Rosamund Zander)

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Not all young people are ‘digital natives’ – inequality hugely limits experiences of technology

Not all young people are 'digital natives' – inequality hugely…

Seek and ye shall find!

I recently discovered a new iPad / iPhone app called Seek by iNaturalist.. When I was a lot younger and out walking in the countryside I valued having someone with me who could help me identify the birds, trees, insects or wild flowers, who could give me their alternative names and perhaps some of the folk lore surrounding them. Sadly there are fewer and fewer people around like that anymore.


The current state of our planet, our politics, our society…

Ada Lovelace’s birthday

Today (10th December) would have been Ada Lovelace's birthday. Sadly, a lot of people don't know who she was but when you do a bit of research she is quite an amazing woman. It is well worth setting her as a research project for your pupils.

Environmental sustainability in schools survey

Here is a very interesting survey to capture pupils attitudes…

Green Screen and the Iceni

This week I have been introducing some Year 4 pupils to using…