Learning Platforms (LP), sometimes known as Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) provide the opportunity to revolutionise the way in which ICT supports education. But many schools don’t know how to make best use of them. My aim is to help you use your Learning Platform as a way to better:

  • involve your pupils
  • involve your parents
  • involve your staff
  • involve your governors

in the life and purpose of your school.

There are many ways to use a Learning Platform. Most LPs provide ways of:

  • communicating using social networking tools such as blogs, emails and forums
  • working on collaborative documents
  • storing data and information in calendars, Wikis, etc.

It has been shown that the use of social networking tools can help to improve literacy skills if properly used and their use certainly does provide motivation to lots of pupils.

Contact me to find out more about what I may be able to offer your school.