Launch of Red Kite Computers

Well, it has finally happened. After years of trying to avoid working for myself I now find that I am my own boss. Today I launched the Red Kite Computers website and announced to the world that I am here. The grand aim of “enabling schools to deliver effective ICT”, and make a living as well. Time will tell. 

I had an interesting conversation with a neighbour (ex-education consultant himself) who was saying that young people seem to be so much more able to sell themselves than us older folks (not that I am that old yet!) I think there is something in that. Lots of teachers I know who are about my age get on with their jobs doing the most amazing things but can you get them to blow their own trumpet? Lights hidden under bushels come to mind. Could it be that all the work we have done with young people in helping them to produce records of achievement has rubbed off on them but not on us? I know that I do a good job, that I am conscientious, that I have a lot to offer, that I work hard and get things done. Other people tell me this. Now I will have to learn to play my trumpet better.

So, if you have visited my website and find anything of interest, want to know more, have work for me to do, or would just like to give me positive feedback, do please contact me!

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