A big thank you

A big thank you to all of you who have responded to the launch of Red Kite Computers and sent me their best wishes. Doesn’t it feel good when someone gives you some encouragement! It reminds me of not long after I first started teaching. The first year was pretty aweful and I nearly jacked it all in (bottom set classes in out of the way classrooms teaching subjects I wasn’t trained to teach) but at the beginning of my second year we had new departmental heads and suddenly the people around me were interested in me succeeding as a teacher. Their best wishes and practical help gave me such a boost and so much more confidence I decided to stick it out. And I’m so glad I did.

I also discovered that if I wanted my pupils to succeed, if I encouraged them rather than threatened them (I didn’t hold a gun to their head but sometimes there was the threat of a smoking exam paper!) they responded with a more positive attitude and greater success.

I sometimes hear what sounds like encouragement for teachers coming from the politicians, but when I listen closer I find that what they are saying is mixed with negative comments.

So thank you to all who have wished me well, and may I just say what an amazing job I see teachers are doing with our young people despite the continual changes, chaos and broken promises that come their way. Well done! And if there are ways in which I can help to encourage you or give you more confidence in your work please let me know.

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