What will you be doing during Climate Week?

Climate Week is from the 21st to 27th March. What will you be doing to make a difference?

How about:

  • encourage staff and pupils to walk to school.
  • if it’s too far to walk try public transport or cycle (the weather should be better by then!)
  • if you have to drive why not try car sharing? I did it for 12 years as a teacher and it made the journey so much more relaxing.
  • have some discussions with your classes and see what they think. Encourage further research and action.
  • have discussions with your colleagues to see what they think. Encourage further research and action.
  • Debate, discuss and find solutions for your school. LCC and Schumacher North are doing just that at the Old Broadcasting House on Friday 25th March in the afternoon.
  • join the ‘big switch off’ on Saturday 26 March at 8.30pm for WWF’s Earth Hour. Iconic landmarks in Leeds and across the world will be switching their lights off for one hour. Will you?
  • take the Leeds Climate Pledge so we can help as many people as possible cut their carbon emissions.
  • get your school to look at the Leeds Climate Charter or plan to become a Sustainable School

What ever you do, don’t ignore Climate Week. Use it to help find out more about how we are affecting our environment and how you make a difference.

And why not publicise what you are doing? The media will want to know, and so will parents so get your activities onto your website or learning platform.

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