Restoring the Earth

I’ve written about trees quite a few times on my blog so you are probably aware by now that I consider them to be quite important and that I am probably a tree hugger!

Well trees are very important. Not only do they have a significant impact on our environment (the climate, soil, habitat for other living creatures, etc) they are important for our well being in other ways. Here are some of the things I find important about trees:tree

  • being able to touch a living thing that is many times older than us
  • watching the season of life and death as leaves die and are recycled to feed the tree and other plants
  • experiencing the cool shade on a hot day
  • sheltering from the wind and rain in a storm
  • lying back under a tree and looking up through the branches and leaves towards the infinity above.

These things, and more, help trees to enrich our lives. And yet many of our children don’t have much opportunity to learn and experience trees in our busy curriculum.

So why don’t we grow more trees in schools and help to plant them out into our neighbourhood?

ERS (Earth Restoration Service) aim to help schools do just this, and more. They can provide schools with tree saplings for the school to make their own tree nursery. Then, when the saplings are strong enough they can take the saplings out into the community to plant them. There is a huge amount of educational “stuff” that could be done connected with this project, if you are stuck for ideas read my other blog posts or contact me!

ERS also have other projects for schools and also work worldwide so why not see if your link school is interested in having their own tree nursery – you could compare notes and you may be finding a way to help them.