Schools of Sanctuary

We like to think of Leeds as a warm, welcoming city and our schools as welcoming and safe havens of learning. Leeds City of Sanctuary are committed to making our city a haven for anyone who needs its protection by creating a network of people and organisations right across the city, united in making our city more welcoming, open and fair for all.

Schools are invited to join with a view to :

  • Enhancing community cohesion
  • Bringing a global dimension into the classroom
  • Promoting race equality and cultural diversity
  • Helping with bids to attain Stephen Lawrence Education Standard or other Inclusion initiatives
  • Receiving an official certificate stating that you have become a School of Sanctuary!

Why not consider making your school a School of Sanctuary and promoting Leeds as a City of Sanctuary via your parents and website? 

If you want to know more about Leeds City of Sanctuary there is an event in Leeds Civic Hall on the 17th February at 7pm

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