Nesting time

 Nesting materials feeder

It’s nesting time. The birds are looking for suitable nesting materials. One nice and easy way to attract birds to an easy to view location is to put some nesting materials into a container and hang it up for the birds. I recently put some sheeps wool in a fat ball feeder (yes a fat ball was still in there) and most of the best wool has already gone. Now I need a quick trip out into the country to collect some more. Of course I could also put in bits of knitting wool, feathers, human or pet hair, hay, etc.

If you have got nest boxes at your school or in your garden why not give the birds a helping hand and enjoy the view at the same time?

P.S. This morning I saw a Great Tit with a huge white beard and moustache! It’s been back several times now and there isn’t much sheeps wool left. I wonder if there is any space in the Great Tit’s nest? Must be very cosy in there.

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