Here are some items of equipment that I feel able to recommend:


iPad VGA connector

Allows you to connect your iPad 1 / iPad 2 / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S to a VGA screen eg classroom projector or monitor using a VGA cable

Apple TV

Allows you to connect your iPad 1 / iPad 2 / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S to a VGA screen eg classroom projector or monitor without using a wire!

Does lots of other things as well!

 Belkin Pleated Sleeve for iPad

I have been using one of these ever since I first bought an iPad and although one of the zips has now come off (as zips eventually do) this has proved to be the best iPad “app” I have bought. It has protected it in my rucksack or cycle pannier and kept it clean and dry. It also has a good sized pocket for a USB cable, VGA connector and pens. I wouldn’t be without it!

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard and Cover

There are many wireless keyboards for iPads, this is one of the better ones (though not the cheapest!) It is very slim and the battery life of the keyboard is good. The battery life of the iPad though will be reduced by having Bluetooth switched on so you may find that you have to recharge more often, I switch Bluetooth off when I am not using my keyboard. The keyboard makes it so much easier to do serious work on the iPad

Ultra thin Slim Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Keypad for iPad

This was my first Bluetooth keyboard for use with my iPad. The reason I like this on so much is that it works with so many other devices including my Bluetooth laptop, Blackberry(!) and Apple devices. This is a good all rounder, you can lounge back on your sofa whilst your iPad is connected to the TV and do your emails – if that is what you want to do! Only drawback – my one is battery operated, I would have much preferred a rechargeable one, but at this price….


Canon CanoScan LiDE 110 Scanner

A good, fast, fairly basic A4 scanner. Doesn’t take up much room and is great for A4 documents, photos and undemanding work

Canon CanoScan LiDE 210 Scanner

Next model up from the 110, this has a higher resolution, is a little faster and has an extra button!

Epson Perfection V330 LED Photo Scanner

I use the previous model to this and have been very impressed. Besides normal scanning it has a built in film scanner which allows you to scan 35mm negative and positive film. Brilliant if you still have your negatives and your photos have faded.

Other Items

At last, a dimmable LED bulb – these LED bulbs are substantially cheaper to run than halogen or conventional bulbs. I’m using them at home and they are very cheap to run. They don’t dim as much as a conventional light bulb and may need a special dimmer switch.
Many schools are trying out Kindles to see how they might enhance learning in schools. Lots of childrens books are now available for Kindle and it is easy for you, or your children, to create your own. For ideas do please contact me.Please be aware that the cheapest model has no physical keyboard and will not read a story to you, the more expesnive models will read to you.
One of the most popular Kindle cases.
Hue webcamsThe most versatile webcams I have come across so far are the Hue webcams which are webcams on a flexible neck, brilliant for use in animation and they can even be used as a poor man’s visualiser though the camera is not really good enough for that!
Weather StationThe WMR200 is a good weather station for use in schools. The sensors are solar powered and wireless so they can be installed on the roof without any wiring. The console can be attached to an old PC or laptop which can then upload the data onto the school website (I recommend using Weather Display or Weather Display Live).

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