Forestry Commission sales

The coalition government has announced plans to sell some or all of the public forest estate in England. Currently the Forestry Commission is responsible for its care. They haven’t always done the best job but in recent years they seem to be getting it about right. And the skills and knowledge they have is applied right across the country. Now the government wants to sell the land off to private organisations and individuals.

These woodlands are our Rain Forest equivalent. They contain a big chunk of this coutry’s biodiversity, a history that can go back millennia, a breathing space for our country and a recreational place for us. I am very unhappy with the idea that the government can sell it off and that who ever buys it (Haven Holidays, Tescos, CentreParcs … add your own…) will do what they like with it. Yes there are laws concerning this land but who is going to pay to police it?

If you want to find out more see the (very biased!) Woodland Trust site or use Google to find other people’s views and then make your own mind up. And if you do agree that it is a bad idea then please make your voice heard – sign the petitions, email your MP, hug a tree!

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