DB Primary and iPads

It is possible to put documents straight from your iPad into a gallery on DB Primary, for example, you could take pictures in class using your iPad and upload them straight into your class gallery.

Onwebdave way of doing this is to use WebDav Nav which is a free app (there is a paid for version as well). In DB Primary, go to your class gallery and look for the WebDav button. Click on it and it will open a Windows Explorer window with your gallery contents in. If you copy down the URL path in the top of window (the bit that starts http://) and use that in WebDav Nav on your iPad, along with your username and password then you can upload files. Now you can make events in your classroom available to your pupils on DB Primary “just like that”!

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  1. redkite
    redkite says:

    Sadly, because Microsoft seem to be moving away from supporting WebDAV in the way that DB Primary have implemented it and because it no longer works with later versions of IE (IE10+) the WebDAV button has been removed. Currently you can still use WebDAV Nav to upload from an iPad by copying the URL of your gallery from your browser and inserting /DAV/ between the end of your domain name and the beginning of the rest of the URL eg


    It is relatively easy to upload from Safari on the iPad anyway!


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