World Maths Day 2011

World Maths Day is the world’s largest education event where students (aged 4-18) compete in real time against other students from around the world playing mental arithmetic games on the World Maths Day website ( World Maths Day encourages students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to have a go at maths in a fun, […]

Schools of Sanctuary

We like to think of Leeds as a warm, welcoming city and our schools as welcoming and safe havens of learning. Leeds City of Sanctuary are committed to making our city a haven for anyone who needs its protection by creating a network of people and organisations right across the city, united in making our city […]

Phishing warning

Wikipedia describes phishing as “… the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication“. During the last week one particular new form of phishing has come to my notice through people I know who have almost […]

Big Garden and Big School’s Birdwatch (part 2)

I hope some of you have managed to spend some time relaxing and watching the birds! I was out walking locally on Saturday and managed to see a tree creeper and a great spotted woodpecker along with lots of the usual woodland birds. As a result I didn’t have time on Saturday so on Sunday […]

Forestry Commission sales

The coalition government has announced plans to sell some or all of the public forest estate in England. Currently the Forestry Commission is responsible for its care. They haven’t always done the best job but in recent years they seem to be getting it about right. And the skills and knowledge they have is applied […]


Naace has made available free ICT CPD for Teachers, Classroom Practitioners and anyone passionate about ICT In Education. It can be found at 

Five predictions for 2011 that will rock the education world

2011 will be the year that we start to look for real leadership for educational technologies, and start to look into using new technologies to do “amazing” and “magical” things The Education Futures website has  five predictions for the key stories that will rock the education world in 2011. It’s American but it could apply here as […]

Big Garden and Big School’s Birdwatch

Those of you who know me or have read my previouse blogs will be aware that I am passionate about the environment and about engaging our young people with the natural world, as well as with ICT. The annual RSPB Birdwatch is the perfect opportunity to combine both. The Big School’s Birdwatch is on the […]

Yesterday, today and tomorrow – New Year thoughts

Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day. (A quotation that is quoted in “Dangerous Love” by Ben Okri)

The Weather

The British do have a real thing about the weather. I’ve recently been involved in setting up a weather station, we’re still in the process of deciding what information to make available on the website but you can see it by clicking here. On a recent visit to the school almost everyone was saying how […]

Every Child Outdoors

The winter weather we have been experiencing, plus doing my back in, has meant that I have been able to sit watching the birds in my garden more than usual. Despite the back, I have been able to top up the bird feeders and replace the ice in the bird bath with fresh water most […]

Junior Librarian

I’ve been recommending, installing and providing training on this software for years now but over the last year I haven’t done much with it. Having been asked to provide some training this week I have just been going through my “lesson plan” and been reminded of what an incredibly useful tool it is for schools if […]

Christmas celebrations

It looks as if Christmas is getting closer! And here are two very Christmassy events: 11 December 2010 – Handel’s Messiah Venue: Leeds Town Hall Orchestra: Manchester Camerata Choir: Leeds Philharmonic Chorus Conductor: Mark Hindley Soloists: Sarah Power (Soprano); Julliane Young (Alto); Philip Smith (Baritone); James Greer (Tenor) 16 December 2010 – Lord Mayor’s Carols […]

A big thank you

A big thank you to all of you who have responded to the launch of Red Kite Computers and sent me their best wishes. Doesn’t it feel good when someone gives you some encouragement! It reminds me of not long after I first started teaching. The first year was pretty aweful and I nearly jacked […]

Launch of Red Kite Computers

Well, it has finally happened. After years of trying to avoid working for myself I now find that I am my own boss. Today I launched the Red Kite Computers website and announced to the world that I am here. The grand aim of “enabling schools to deliver effective ICT”, and make a living as […]